City people deserve better

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SHEFFIELD councillors are to be congratulated for listening to residents’ concerns and arranging for a fence to be erected around a school site which people feared could be vandalised.

However, they really ought to pay a little more attention to the detail after £11,000 was spent on a fence which, frankly, is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

For critics have shown that anyone wanting to enter the site merely has to walk around the edge of the fence.

Now a war of words has broken out between Lib Dems, who accuse Labour of wasting money in approving the work in the first place.

Both are wrong - the Lib Dems shouldn’t criticise Labour willy-nilly. After all they were listening to residents’ concerns and trying to do something about it.

And Labour shouldn’t have approved a fence which simply won’t do the job it was intended. Not should they try to divert attention by casting for the red herring that the cost will ultimately be borne by a developer.

These two wrongs simply don’t make a right and the people of Sheffield deserve better.

Playing our part in cancer battle

THE very mention of the word cancer spreads dread among patients and their loved ones. They deserve nothing less than the kind of co-operation which Sheffield is seeing to ensure the best possible care and treatment.

For the city has become host to one of 17 centres across the country which will pool resources, ideas and knowledge to help in the war against this horrid disease.

Three charities, Cancer Research UK, Yorkshire Cancer Research and Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, are to work together in a united front to generate the next generation of ground-breaking medical research.

The organisations involved will take with them the best wishes of the people of this area who all have the shared hope that advances against cancer are made – and they will be proud to know that Sheffield is playing its part.

Adventure city

THE city is about to be catapulted into the silver screen limelight with the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival which will showcase adventure, sport and travel films from around the world, as well as talks from adventurers. This is a great example of how Sheffield makes a name for itself. In such challenging times it’s encouraging to learn Sheffield is first choice.