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As I watch the illegal influx of migrants at Calais I wonder how much we as a city of sanctuary contribute to the problem?

I understand the guilt this Labour Council must feel as it was the Labour party who encouraged anyone and everyone to come here and if Mr Corbyn is elected as leader then the doors will be opened even wider.

Do they not realise those we accommodate are not contacting relatives and countrymen telling them not to come here?

Do the councillors not realise that the people they claim to represent, the elderly and low paid would love £35 per week to spend?

Are they surprised when their constituents ask how immigrants are found accommodation when their families struggle, or their children are in schools were English is often a second language, or why someone ahead of them in the out patients department needs an interpreter?

If we as citizens had any confidence in the immigration system and a political class that told us the truth rather than smear us as racist then things could be better.

As no immigrant wishes to stay in France, as they cannot access anything without an I.D card, the situation will only get worse.

Uncontrolled immigration to this country will lead to those arriving on our shores being less and less welcome.

Is it not possible to use some of the massive foreign aid budget to build a secure, well equipped assessment centre in a friendly African country where all asylum and immigration application s can be processed?

Anyone arriving on our shores illegally will be transferred to that centre.

No one would be allowed to short circuit the process.

Once a few plane loads have been removed from Britain word will spread that the only way to get here is via the assessment centre.

I am sure some reading this will think me racist.

I am not but I fear for those immigrants trying to get here and how over time our attitudes towards them will be less welcoming if nothing is done.

P Robb