City now has its own authoritarian state

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Regarding the Star Letter sent in by David Allen on Wednesday, November 23.

When was peacefully standing by a tree ‘illegal’ ?

I was woken up by the horrendous noise that morning, and in due respect Mr Allen, the ‘hysteria’ surrounding the trees on Rustlings Road, was far from that!

I stood and watched in disbelief and utter anger with a tear in my eye, at the environmental vandalism that this sham of a council inflicted upon those healthy, over a century old trees! So what if they are replacing them! With what? Saplings!

Those trees had a rich and diverse ecosystem and was a home to birds, and a feeding area for bats.

I do agree that the police have to do their job, and to be honest, that’s what we pay our taxes for, but the council had no regard to its residents, and hopefully the people of Sheffield will remember that day, when election time comes.

Julie Dore, and her sidekick Bryan Lodge, should resign.

Elected councillors are there to help, support and listen to the people they represent, not completely disregard facts, people’s opinions and carry out bully-boy tactics.

Cities worldwide are coming together to try and manage the threat of global warming, and what does Sheffield do? Destroy oxygen-giving healthy trees.;

Perhaps all the handshakes from the Chinese, have rubbed off on Julie Dore. Sheffield now has its own authoritarian state.

Twisted Nerve

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