City must find store a home

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ONE of the defining characteristics of a successful and thriving city is the type of top-name stores it attracts.

John Lewis, Debenhams and Marks & Spencer are the obvious choices.

But so are stores such as Primark and TJ Hughes.

So today’s news that TJ Hughes says it is being forced out of its prime site location on High Street in the city is a cause for serious concern - particularly as it says it does not want to move.

Last year, when the company went into administration, the store in Sheffield was one of the few that survived and carried on trading - a mark of the custom it attracts from Sheffield shoppers.

Its managers say it has every intention of trying to stay in the city and will look for new premises.

That message should be picked up by those in a position to help in the city and work should begin with haste to ensure every reasonable step is taken to help TJ Hughes to find new premises - for the sake of the jobs at risk, for the shoppers who use it and for the credibility of the city as a shopping centre.

Site could harm child’s safety

A ROGUE website ‘naming and shaming’ social workers who have been involved in removing children from parental care is deplorable.

Social workers have a tough enough job and have to face confrontational situations from which many of us would run a mile.

Any decision to start proceedings to remove a child from their home is difficult and has to meet stringent requirements.

And we are quick as a nation to castigate social services and workers when they have failed to act or failed to identify children at risk.

So what does this website want to achieve? Its actions will surely only sow doubt in a social worker’s mind and could even prevent a child from being protected.

How is that acting in the best interests of young, vulnerable people? The website should be removed immediately.

Bad manoeuvre

NOT everyone is welcome in the Peak District, it seems.

Motorcyclists, angry at plans to ban them from trails and green lanes at Stanage Pole, staged a go-slow protest.

That seems an unwise choice. It was hardly likely to generate much sympathy for a cause which appears to have little merit.