City hopes for diamond celebration

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DONCASTER is putting together a bid to become a city next year.

One borough will be made a city next year as part of the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations.

It has now been confirmed Doncaster will go head to head with at least 21 other boroughs from across the UK.

The borough tried to get the honour in the millennium year of 2000, and again in the golden jubilee year of 2002.

A bid team consisting of organisations including Doncaster Council, Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, the NHS and Robin Hood Airport, is looking to submit an application before the May 27 deadline.

Mayor Peter Davies said the bid would use resources previously used in the bids of 2000 and 2002 to prevent the cost becoming too high.

He said: “Other areas are spending around £40,000 or £50,000 on their bids. But in our case, the town speaks for itself.

“It seems to me that since the opportunity has arisen – and provided it doesn’t cost a lot of money – we should have the ambition and aspiration to bid for city status.”

The formal bid will outline reasons why the borough deserves to become a city. It will include references to the town’s history, tradition and identity, as well as a detailed profile of the borough.

Among those making the bid are actor Brian Blessed, who has described Doncaster as a place of great character and lovely people, as well as injured war hero Ben Parkinson, who praised the town for its effort to support him in his recovery from horrendous injuries suffered in Afghanistan.

Doncaster lost out to Brighton and Hove, Wolverhampton and Inverness in 2000 and was pipped by Preston in 2002.