CITY GROWTH: Two Sheffield blocks in race for Social Work England prize

A new social work regulator has narrowed its choice of headquarters in Sheffield to two buildings, The Star can reveal.

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Tuesday, 10th July 2018, 1:42 pm
North Bank near the Wicker.

Social Work England is looking at North Bank on the Wicker or Citygate on St Marys Gate at the bottom of The Moor.

The organisation, part of Department for Education, will regulate the 95,000 social workers in England. It has launched a recruitment drive for 120 people in its first year alone.

A property expert said bosses were looking for good value buildings which were not prime, but close to other government and council departments to allow ‘cross selling of services’ and accommodation sharing.

The Home Office has a big presence on Millsands near the Wicker and Citygate is close to Moorfoot which is a big Sheffield City Council base.

Sheffield was selected due to the premises available and the independent and creative nature of the city, a spokeswoman for Social Work England said.

She added: “As a new organisation, we know people need to be able to form strong collaborative ways of working together and spend time getting to know each other.

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“The Sheffield shortlist of premises we looked at had all these possibilities.”

It will be the latest of a string of big organisations relocating to, or taking more space, in Sheffield.

Last month The Star revealed the British Business Bank was taking another floor in Steel City House on West Street.

And a Sheffield health sector company is in talks over taking a floor-and-a-half, for 100 staff.

Rob Darrington of agents CPP, which acts for Steel City House, said: “It’s great news for Sheffield which is strengthening its city centre. It will help with major projects like the Heart of the City Two.”

n A record number of firms are moving into the city centre creating a buzz in offices, restaurants, cafes and shops.

The Star, in association with Sheffield Business Improvement District, is celebrating this new vibrancy with the CITY GROWTH campaign.

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