City folk say call my bluff

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SHEFFIELDERS are just a load of bluffers – according to research commissioned by Grosvenor Casinos at least.

According to the findings eight per cent of people living in Sheffield have used their bluffing skills to get a date and the same number a free meal, while one in six have got into swanky bars and clubs by exaggerating their credentials on the door.

And despite the stereotype that the British are too reserved to haggle, 27 per cent of the people surveyed in Sheffield said they bluff for bargains when shopping to get the best deals.

Most shocking of all is that almost one in six people living in Sheffield have bluffed their way into a new job.

But we’re rubbish at recognising who’s bluffing and who isn’t.

More than 46 per cent are not confident of spotting a fellow bluffer.