City council hate success in the private sector

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While the majority of Sheffield folk continue to support the proposed Ikea and Next stores, our beloved council prolong their resistance. They oppose this because they hate success in the private sector.

Over the years they have proved their expertise at squandering our hard-earned tax money in many ways – the buildings they have constructed and demolished, the dim-witted road planning, the out-of-control debt, the plethora of expensive consultants, the absent-minded negotiations with major contractors, the list goes on.

They demonstrate their incompetence more by failing to collect additional millions in outstanding rent and council tax.

The ineptitude is beyond belief and it makes me wonder who are still voting these clowns in.

Their biggest nemesis is of course Meadowhall, one of the most successful shopping centres in Western Europe and used by shoppers from all over the north. Adding Ikea and Next would only boost its popularity.

The only way the council has gone up against the bright star of Brightside is with a feeble attempt to rejuvenate the city centre, which has resulted in eight years’ dilly-dallying with Hammerson’s and the Sevenstone project.

It’s high time this council stop their dithering, listen to the people they are supposed to represent and sign off the deal.

Peter Flynn