City centre scheme better for heritage

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It’s good to hear that the council has taken a firm decision to go ahead with the redevelopment of the city centre by a means which should give them more control over what happens.

Can we hope too that any revised plan will pay more respect to the character of the city centre than Hammerson’s?

It would be perfectly possible to retain most or all of the well-established street plan, and the much-loved Victorian frontages in Pinstone and Cambridge Streets, to say nothing of preserving the listed buildings Hammersons planned to destroy, while allowing a more sensitive developer to provide facilities of a size and quality that retailers demand these days. This way, we can get the thriving, up-to-date city centre we deserve and keep the human-scale features which make Sheffield such a pleasant place to live.

Valerie Bayliss

S Yorks Group, The Victorian Society, Muskoka Avenue, S11