City centre is Third World

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Pauline Elliott’s Letter about John Lewis and the Sevenstone development is typical of the narrow-minded attitudes in Sheffield to change.

We should aspire to be the best that we possibly can, but we seem to aspire to change nothing. We have a village mentality and over the years we have fallen way behind cities such as Leeds, who appear to have the ‘can do’ attitude that we lack.

I am Sheffield born and bred and love my city dearly, therefore it grieves me sorely to have to say that Sheffield would never come anywhere near Leeds as a shopping centre, even if Sevenstone had been built in its entirety. Leeds has beautiful arcades and shops, selling a range of products that compared with Sheffield is incredible.

In comparison the centre of Sheffield is Third World. Take away the phone shops and banks and the place would be empty, no wonder Meadowhall does so well.

R Morgan, Oughtibridge