City Buzz: Top workwear for role model women

Fed up with only finding work trousers that were ill fitting and unflattering, businesswoman Annie Bowman decided to design her own.

Friday, 6th April 2018, 4:16 pm
Updated Friday, 6th April 2018, 4:21 pm
Annie Bowman, owner of Sheffield brand Hoydens, which makes practical and fashionable workwear for women.

The painter and decorator wanted to wear trousers that were practical and fashionable - and so she created her brand, Hoydens.

It is inspired, designed and worn by women to help them feel comfortable all day, look professional and smart, and reflect the quality of their work.

Annie said: “I’m hoping that Hoydens will help women feel so comfy that they can just get up, get dressed and get on with their work.

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“There are some amazing women out there doing jobs that are really interesting.” Annie, who has been a painter and decorator for ten years, said she realised that there are lots of other women, just like her, who are doing physically active jobs.

Annie added: “Workwear for men has vastly improved over the last few years and, although there are alternatives for women out there now, there are always niggles – such as not quite enough room in the hips and thighs - leading to tight, uncomfortable work and ripping at the seams. 

“Hoydens workwear was created to address these issues. Hoydens trousers come in women’s sizes 8 to 18 and there are three different leg lengths, making it easier to order the right size. They are also available in black, white and grey.” In December Annie successfully raised £10,000 from a crowd funding campaign which helped her fund the production costs.

The trousers have now been trialled by tradeswomen in Sheffield and are available to buy online.

Annie may have designed the trousers based on her own experiences, but she is keen to make sure the product she has created is suitable for other working women who have a wide variety of professions.

That is why she will be asking everyone who buys the trousers for their feedback, to ensure as many women as possible have a fit that is right for them. Her future designs will include different fits of trousers and more features such as knee pad pockets. Work tops and jackets which will be comfortable for ladies with a bigger bust are planned too.

Annie also hopes to use these real women to model her trousers, in the hope of inspiring the younger generation.

She said: “I plan to help showcase these women on my website, so we have some great role models for the next generation of women. If girls can see what we are doing, then they can imagine themselves in these roles. With greater choice comes a real sense of freedom for women.”

To find out more about Hoydens and to buy the trousers online, please go online and visit the official website at You can call 07484 172549 or email [email protected] Search ‘Hoydens Official’ on Facebook, ‘@HoydensOfficial’ on Twitter and ‘hoydensofficial’ on Instagram.