City Buzz: Love fitness, love fashion, love activewear brand Lucy Locket

A fitness and fashion fanatic who wants to prove that you can have brains, beauty, and biceps has launched her activewear brand.

Friday, 15th September 2017, 1:18 pm
Updated Friday, 15th September 2017, 1:20 pm
Lucy Arnold, of Sharrow, is the co-founder of Locket Loves - a line of fitness clothing that is fun, stylish and eye catching, whilst being comfortable, flexible and affordable.

Lucy Arnold, of Sharrow, is the co-founder of Locket Loves – a line of fitness clothing that is fun, stylish and eyecatching, while being comfortable, flexible and affordable.

The clothing line is made right here in Sheffield and is partly inspired by professional personal trainer and fitness coach Lucy.

‘Gym and Tonic’, ‘Brains, Beauty, Booty’, Girls Just Wanna Run Fast’ are just some of the inspirational and creative quotes printed onto the tops. Paired with bright colours, these tops really will make sure you stand out while you’re working up a sweat.

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Lucy said the motivation behind starting the brand came from wanting to make every woman feel good about themselves and their bodies, (an aim that I wholeheartedly champion).

She said: “‘Fitness brands usually market towards perfection and hard abs.

“We don’t have the luxury of airbrushing and Photoshop in real life, so why should we be made to feel we are less than perfect when working out?

“Everyone has their own style, and everyone has their own fitness goals. I wanted to combine the two and create clothing that women could feel good about themselves in, and speaks to their personality.

“The clothing and its material is tailored to make working out more comfortable, and fits like a second skin, so women can look and feel great.”

To further promote positive female body image, Lucy has just launched the brand’s first campaign, featuring Lucy and four models.

It focuses on real women, and real bodies and is filter-free, natural, yet contemporary and edgy.

Lucy added: “The campaign reflects the brand’s customers, who look amazing and are inspirational.

“We want to poke holes in high-end fitness advertising and showcase real fitness journeys, from start to finish.

“We want to show our customers who they are, unfiltered and genuine.”

The slogan of the brand is ‘be happy, be healthy, be strong’, and I have to say that just reading about this refreshing attitude to gym wear makes me happy.

I have promised myself that I will sign up to the gym, and I think knowing I can have comfortable and fun clothing like this might give me the push I need to sign up.

The clothing allows ladies to transition between workouts, catering for all activities from running to yoga.

From vest tops, leggings and hoodies, with a range of colours and sizing up to UK 20, it’s easy to love Locket Loves.

You can browse and buy the range of clothing available in the Locket Loves range online at www. site. The clothing starts at £22.

To read more about Lucy as a personal trainer and to book an appointment with her, visit site. Email [email protected]