City Buzz: From massage and yoga to Mini Raves

Mini Ravers and Mind, Baby and Soul
Mini Ravers and Mind, Baby and Soul
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“I absolutely love going to work each day,” smiles Jo Humphrey.

“After years of not knowing what I wanted to do, I’m finally doing something I love, and it’s so rewarding.”

Mini Ravers and Mind, Baby and Soul

Mini Ravers and Mind, Baby and Soul

Mum-of-one Jo celebrates the second anniversary of her Sheffield business, Mind Baby and Soul, this month, which she launched while on maternity leave with her daughter Ruby in 2015.

“It all started when I took a course of baby massage classes with Ruby and absolutely loved the experience,” says Jo, of Meersbrook.

“Then we tried baby yoga, and loved that too. As time went on, and my maternity leave was coming to an end, I realised I wanted to make a change. I’d always dreamed of working for myself, of being my own boss, and I realised this was my chance. I loved the classes we’d done so much and decided to leave behind my career in recruitment and re-train to teach baby massage and baby yoga.”

Mind, Baby and Soul was the result, and Jo now teaches 10 classes a week across Sheffield.

“I’m currently training in pregnancy yoga, and have also expanded to children’s yoga now, so in an ideal world I could start working with mums when they’re pregnant, and then keep working with them, and then their children, right up to the age of 13,” laughs Jo, aged 43.

And then 12 months ago, Jo found an opportunity to expand her business further.

“Ruby and I had been to a few Mini Ravers classes, and loved them,” she says.

“It was such a great opportunity to explore rhythm and groove away with Ruby to some musical vibes. Last March I saw a notice that said Mini Ravers was being I decided to buy it!”

Jo and her team of volunteers now run one public Mini Rave a month, as well as hosting tons of private raves for birthday parties.

“It’s so much fun,” she confirms.

“Most of our raves are held at Crookes Social Club, but we’ve also just been hired by Sheffield Hallam University to run a number of Mini Raves for them during Freshers Week, for the freshers that have kids, which is huge for us!

“Our raves are really aimed at pre-school kids, so they’re not too loud. There’s music on constantly, so people can dance away, but we also have lots of soft play, space hoppers, ride-on things, tents, cushions and lights, a quieter reading area, plus we do coordinated dances with pompoms and, just before the end, we turn the music off and sit in a big circle and sing some songs together. It’s really lovely.

“I’m loving every second of working for myself, and am so pleased I decided to take the chance.”

Classes all summer long

All of Jo’s classes and Mini Raves will continue to run throughout the summer.

The next Mini Rave will be on August 4, at Crookes Social Club, with a special In The Night Garden theme. Visit Mini Ravers for details.

Also, visit Mind Baby and Soul for a full class schedule and more details.