City Buzz: Embroidery hoops bring fun and fizz in to your home

'˜It's not what happens, it's how you deal with it' - that's one of the phrases which has been made in to beautiful wall art, thanks to Ellie Mason.

Friday, 26th January 2018, 5:32 am
Ellie Mason with some of her embroidered hoops she sells through her company Fizzy Pigg

Creative crafter Ellie , aged 28, and her friend Hannah Cunliffe, age 30, make embroidery hoops as part of the Fizzy Pigg brand.

Ellie, who launched the business last year, said: “We bring colour and fun into people’s homes with unique and personalised embroidered products.

Ellie Mason with some of her embroidered hoops she sells through her company Fizzy Pigg

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“Our main product line is embroidered hoops that simply hang on the wall or can be displayed on shelves. We also make lampshades and our newest product is a range of environmentally friendly reusable facecloths.”

The quirky name Fizzy Pigg, (the additional ‘g’ is intentional), gives the business a sense of fun and ensures it sticks in the minds of potential customers - but it actually came about by accident.

Ellie said: “I was trying to create an online username, and everything seemed to be taken already. I remember looking around my old bedroom and I had a fizzy drink in a decorative pig mug, which I still have now.

“My mind just put them together and I thought it sounded and looked good, so that was that. The second ‘g’ was added on because “Fizzypig” was already taken and by this point and I just wanted to step away from my computer.

Ellie Mason with some of her embroidered hoops she sells through her company Fizzy Pigg

“The name has stuck with me ever since.”

Everybody has a favourite inspirational quote and, whether it be a well known timeless phrase or a cheeky line that only means something to you and your loved ones, Ellie and Hannah can bring it to life with colourful cotton.

The duo make hoops that are ready to go, but they also take custom orders.

Ellie said: “We are constantly looking around us for inspiration. We look at trending topics, music and films . Often, we take inspiration from how we’re feeling.

“Sometimes we like to get our sassy pants on and make a naughty hoop or two. Our customers seem to love these.

“We use our craft to express ourselves and love giving others the chance to do this, which is why I really enjoy custom orders.”

“We love to hear the stories behind the phrases our customers request. Some are so funny, while others are really touching.”

The pair’s designs have now gained an international customer base, with their designs now adorning the walls of homes in Europe, America, and Australia.

But, they are focusing on something a little closer to home in the near future. From February 1 to 14 they will be selling their products at the Valentine’s Pop Up Shop will be in the Winter Gardens.

Ellie and Hannah sell their embroidery hoops, lampshades and facecloths online at They also have an Etsy shop which can be found at You can also find them on Twitter at and Instagram at