City Buzz: Eclectic jewellery made in Sheffield is one of a kind

From unicorns and mermaids to bumblebees and flamingos, Jessica Lewis finds inspiration for her jewellery from all places (and creatures).

Friday, 13th April 2018, 6:24 am
Jessica Lewis, founder of Sheffield jewellery brand 'Eclecticult', with some of her products.

The owner of city-based brand Eclecticult, Jessica designs and makes jewellery from her home - and it’s just as unique as her brand name.

She said: “My business offers kitsch and vintage style jewellery using a mix of materials such as bronze, sterling silver, acrylic, and natural gemstones.

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“I came up with the name Eclecticult as a fusion between the word eclectic, to try and encompass all the different styles and pieces I make, and the word cult, which is used to describe a fad or fashion or when something is referred to as a cult classic.”

Jessica’s quirky designs are made even more special by the fact that everything she makes and sells are complete one-off pieces.

She said: “I get a lot of inspiration from film, TV and books. Usually I will get an idea of a theme I want to use, such as nautical, kitsch, or nature, and will then think of what charms and colours would represent this best.

“Quite often I will make more than one of the same themed item if I am able, but even then I will change the order of the charms or beads so that each item is still a one-off.

“I also make custom pieces which I absolutely love doing because being able to put people’s ideas into a piece of jewellery that tells their story and is truly personal.

“I really love incorporating natural gemstones where I can as well which also helps with this as they are all so unique.”

Talented Jess, who said she taught herself to make jewellery through trial and error, can make a pair of earrings in as little as five minutes. It takes her around half an hour to make a bracelet.

As an independent maker Jess, who sells her bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, through online marketplace Etsy , is also keen to support other small businesses.

She said: “I like to support other handmade businesses when I can, so I usually source most of my materials from there. I also get supplies such as necklace and bracelet chains locally.”

Her pieces are so popular they have been sent all over the UK, Europe and the USA- and she is hoping to see the business - which is a labour of love - grow in the coming weeks and months.

She added: “My dream is to be able to make running my business my full time job as I love it so much.

“But I know I have a long way to go yet, so the short-term goals are to take part in more craft fairs, keep creating new things as much as possible and work on my photography skills.”

To view Jessica’s pieces, and buy online, please visit her Etsy site at Also search ‘Eclecticult’ on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Jessica is also running a thirty percent off sale on her products from now until Friday April 27.

You can also e-mail her direct at [email protected]