CITY BOMB FIND: 9 fascinating facts about the Sheffield Blitz

Sheffield city centre was badly damaged in the Blitz
Sheffield city centre was badly damaged in the Blitz
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The bombshell found near Don Valley today would have likely fallen during the Sheffield Blitz.

Here are nine fascinating facts about the German bombing raids on the city...

* The Sheffield Blitz took place over two nights, the 12th and 15th December 1940

VIDEO: Major disruption as World War Two bombs found in Sheffield

* More than 280 German aircraft took part in the raids

* Sheffield city centre was badly damaged on the 12th December raid

FACTFILE: Scene of Sheffield bomb find was former steelworks badly damaged by German Blitz

* Around 70 civilians who were seeking shelter in the Marples Hotel in Fitzallan Square on the night of the 12th were killed when the building received a direct hit from a 500lb Luftwaffe bomb

* In total 660 people were killed during the two nights of bombing of the city

* In addition to those killed, around 1500 people were injured

* 40,000 Sheffielders were made homeless

* 78,000 homes were damaged

* 3,000 homes were so bady damaged that they had to be totally demolished