Citizen Service fees too high

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It has been reported that taking part in the pilot National Citizen Service scheme will cost £50 to a teenager living in Sheffield.

I agree that young people should be encouraged to take a lead in improving their neighbourhoods and schemes like this could make a real difference.

But, there need to be exceptions made when families are struggling to get by.

A £50 charge will make it impossible for many youngsters to take part. Like many of the coalition’s Big Society schemes, you either need lots of time or spare cash.

The Green Party argues the real way to a stronger and better society is to have fairer pay, so that everyone can take pride in their work and have more time and money to give.

The coalition Government doesn’t have that vision.

But they could at least fund their own schemes properly and give all youngsters in Sheffield a chance to improve themselves and their city.

Jason Leman, Sheffield

Green Party