‘Chuckle Square’ plan for entertainers’ tribute rejected by councillors

An attempt to get a public space in Rotherham town centre renamed in recognition of the town’s Chuckle Brothers entertainment duo have been rejected by councillors.

Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 3:23 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 3:27 pm
No joke: Councillors rejected plan for Chuckle Square in Rotherham

However, they have suggested that a street or children’s play area in the pair’s home community of Maltby should be named in their honour as an alternative.

The decision was made by members of the council’s scrutiny committee and that means the idea of naming an area outside Boots as Chuckle Square is now permanently off the agenda.

Around 700 people had signed a petition in favour of the proposal, put forwards by the Rotherham Advertiser newspaper, following the death of Barry Elliott, one half of the television and children’s entertainment duo.

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He is survived by partner Paul Elliott and the Advertiser’s proposal was to acknowledge the duo and the positive effect they had on the town.

Members of the scrutiny committee debated the proposal and made their decision in private, with chairman Coun Brian Steele announcing their decision when the meeting reverted to public session.

He said: “As the Chuckle Brothers and their family are from Maltby, it is recommended naming a street or play area in new housing at Maltby” and confirmed there would be no further action towards creating the Chuckle Square name in the town centre.

Advertiser reporter Gareth Dennison had told the meeting the suggestion was to give an area outside Boots the name and told councillors: “I have only heard it referred to as ‘the bit outside Boots, where the fountain used to be’.”

Around 700 people signed a petition in support of the proposal and Mr Dennison said: “The support we have had for the petition shows popular opinion is that the Chuckle Brothers are deserving of this tribute.

“They described them as showbiz legends. A lot of parents say they grew up with the Chuckle Brothers and their children did the same.

“This idea came in the wake of the death of Barry Elliott but Chuckle Square would be named after both brothers.

“They have done so much to put Rotherham on the map and this would put them on the map, quite literally.”