Christmas tree lights in Sheffield ruined by vandals

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THE festive lights have gone out in Wincobank – after vandals attacked the Sheffield community’s newly-unveiled Christmas tree.

The blue cedar tree was planted on Wincobank Common, and dozens of local residents turned out to see the illuminations being switched on.

But vandals have since damaged the tree, trying to push it over and cutting through the lights’ cables.

John Sheldon, from the Sandstone Community Forum, said the incident was ‘disgusting’.

“They’ve shredded the lights and ripped them down, I don’t know whether they used a knife,” he said. “They were all on the floor.”

The tree lights were switched on just over a week ago, and the vandals struck in the early hours of Saturday morning.

John, aged 60, said he spotted the tree looking ‘lopsided’ when he drove past at around 9am.

“The tree isn’t going to be lit up now,” he said.

“There’s no reason whatsoever that people should attack a Christmas tree. They will be in their houses, opening their presents, at the back of their minds knowing what they’ve done to upset the folk of High Wincobank.”

Police are investigating and park rangers will be visiting the site to secure the damaged tree.

“We’ll have to bury the electric cable and get the tree back to some normality. Hopefully we can put it on for next year,” John said.

Anyone with information about the vandalism should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.