Christmas singles that keep the cash tills jingling

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Fancy a nice, steady yearly income of, say £800,000 without having to lift a finger?

Keep buying the lottery tickets, but meantime, start penning a Christmas ditty.

Noddy Holder has long crowed that his Slade song ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ is like winning the lottery each year. No wonder. reckon he rakes in £800,000 a year from the party foot-stomper. By New Year’s Eve Mariah Carey will be £455,000 richer, too, thanks to Performing Rights Society royalties earned every time her tinselly hit All I Want for Christmas plays on radio, TV and juke boxes, in shops and on compilation albums.

Even old Sir Cliff can rest on his laurels come Christmas-time; his corny Mistletoe & Wine nets him £98,408 a year. It’s enough for a fair Summer Holiday...