Christmas Day crime in South Yorkshire revealed

A  burglar attempting to gain entry to a house
A burglar attempting to gain entry to a house
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‘Tis the season to be jolly – but an investigation has revealed the crimes that make Christmas anything but merry for many South Yorkshire families.

In total, 154 crimes were committed last Christmas Day – which equates to one crime every nine minutes.

Figures also show police were called out to deal with a violent crime every 90 minutes on average last Christmas.

Festive family fallouts resulted in around a third of all Christmas Day 999 calls to South Yorkshire Police involving violence and heartbreaking cases of domestic abuse.

An investigation under the Freedom of Information act revealed the shocking scope of domestic violence, which ruins Christmas Day for so many families.

Sheffield and Doncaster are revealed as the region’s Christmas domestic violence capitals.

And while most people spend their big day tucking into turkey and watching the Queen’s speech officers in Sheffield had to deal with a manslaughter, while in Barnsley police received a report someone was planning to use firearms.

The most common crime officers encounter that does not involve violence is criminal damage to vehicles, which makes up around 10 per cent of incidents.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “People seem to think that because it’s Christmas, the world just stops and that includes crime.

“But it’s just like any other day in terms of what we have to deal with.

“In many ways it is worse because you have that cocktail of drink and family which is often the fuel behind so much crime.”

One of the most upsetting seasonal crimes is burglary – with a total of 22 break-ins committed last Christmas.

Superintendent Scott Green, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “Thieves can take advantage of the fact that homes will be full of Christmas presents or vacant as people go away for the festive season.

“Any type of burglary is an extremely intrusive crime which is highly traumatic for the victim.

“Often, items of sentimental value which can never be replaced, including Christmas presents, are taken.

“You can however, protect yourself and your property over the festive season by keeping your windows and doors locked, hiding valuables from view, including house and car keys, and leaving a light on while you are out.”