CHRISTMAS DAY BABIES: Festive bundles of joy

Christmas Day baby Oliver Anthony Brammer.
Christmas Day baby Oliver Anthony Brammer.
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These beautiful bundles of joy are just some of the extra-special gifts delivered to families across Sheffield this Christmas.

For couples who welcomed adorable additions on December 25, Christmas Day 2013 is one they’ll never forget.

Charlotte Horsfield, of Stannington, with her Christmas Day baby Ollie Mark Green, who was born at 11-37am, weighing 8lbs and 5oz.

Charlotte Horsfield, of Stannington, with her Christmas Day baby Ollie Mark Green, who was born at 11-37am, weighing 8lbs and 5oz.

It wasn’t quite the Christmas Carla Lane and partner Ben West had in mind as they tucked their two young children into bed on Christmas Eve.

Hours later the pair were dashing to the Jessops, leaving their gifts unopened under the tree, to welcome the best present of all – daughter Charlee, born at 12.04pm.

“It was so unexpected,” said Carla, aged 23, of Arbourthorne.

“My labour pains began shortly after 1am so, far from the day we had planned, Christmas Day passed in a whirlwind.

Christmas Day baby Samuel Jacob Kaye.

Christmas Day baby Samuel Jacob Kaye.

“I think my kids would definitely agree though, their little sister is the best present any of us could have got.”

For first-time parents Charlotte Horsefield and Mark Green, both 23, the day also wasn’t quite what they were expecting.

Charlotte first went into labour on December 23 - but baby Ollie waited until 11.37am on Christmas Day to finally make an appearance.

Mark, of Stannington, said: “It wasn’t what we had in mind for Christmas Day, but it’s easily the best either of us has ever had.

Christmas Day baby Alexander Michael Thomas Spowage.

Christmas Day baby Alexander Michael Thomas Spowage.

“Both sets of grandparents came to visit in the afternoon, and that was a lovely phone call to make to the family on such a special day, ‘Merry Christmas, you’ve got a grandson’!”

Christmas Day was equally memorable for Amy Elizabeth and Gary St John, of Bradway, who welcomed son Alexander at 6.01pm.

Gary, 55, said he was ‘the perfect Christmas present’.

“He has three older sisters and an older brother so he’s got plenty of people waiting to dote on him as soon as he’s home,” he said.

Christmas Day baby Charlee West.

Christmas Day baby Charlee West.

Amy, 35, and Gary met in rehearsals for a South Yorkshire am dram production more than 10 years ago, and singer Gary even won Bob Monkhouse’s Opportunity Knocks in 1989, the year his last son Chris was born.

“Our family is all very dramatic,” laughed Gary. “My son has an acting degree, my daughter often plays lead roles, and even our littlest, Ellie, is already showing off a great singing voice. We’ll be amazed if Alexander isn’t appearing on stage somewhere in Sheffield before you know it.”

As for his son’s special birthday, Gary thinks it couldn’t be better.

“Everybody will always be off work to celebrate with him, and all the family will be together anyway, so it should always be lovely for him,” he said.

New parents Ian and Emma Brammer, both 30, of Walkley, agree - after welcoming new son Oliver at 1.18pm on Christmas Day.

Ian said: “Oliver will never have to go to school or work on his birthday so I think it’s great timing, it will always be a great day for him.”

Emma went into labour at half three on Christmas morning and was forced to call her mum to tell her the couple wouldn’t be making it for their turkey dinner.

Ian said: “Luckily she didn’t seem too upset, and came to the hospital instead.

“It was a perfect day, our little family couldn’t be happier.”

Abi and Jamie Kay, of Dronfield, were careful not to make plans for Christmas, after being given a due date of December 18. But it was 9.40am on Christmas Day before son Samuel Jacob eventually turned up.

Jamie, 37, said: “It certainly wasn’t like any other Christmas Day we’ve spent but it was pretty wonderful.

“Our two other children, aged six and four, have already fallen in love with their new baby brother.

“Now we’re looking forward to getting him home and settling our young family in to celebrate together - plus maybe letting Abi open some of her presents still sitting under the tree!”