Christmas by name... and by nature for festival Rachel

Rachel Christmas celebrating Xmas at home in Cowper Cres ,Foxhill, Sheffield
Rachel Christmas celebrating Xmas at home in Cowper Cres ,Foxhill, Sheffield
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SOME people wish it could be Christmas every day - and, for Rachel Christmas, it really is.

Rachel, aged 25, was born with her seasonal surname and says she’s never considered changing it.

But she has grown used to the disbelieving reactions of people surprised to learn of her family name.

“It’s just normal to me,” said Rachel. “But people mention it all the time, asking if it’s my real name. Usually people say it’s lovely.”

Rachel’s dad Paul Christmas, 53, works in the Parker steelworks at Hellaby, Rotherham.

“People used to say to me, ‘So your dad’s Father Christmas!’,” she laughed. “I used to say, ‘Are you jealous?’.

“The Christmas family is quite big. My granddad Frank was one of 11 children and he had quite a few brothers.”

Rachel, who grew up in Munsbrough, Rotherham and now lives on Cowper Crescent, Fox Hill, Sheffield, admits to being subjected to occasional taunts by classmates at Wingfield School.

“They used to say, ‘Your mum should have called you Mary’, and ask, ‘Were you born on Christmas Day?’ It was daft stuff. I’d just tell them to shut up. It’s better than being called Smith.”

Rachel has two daughters, Laney-Rae, two, and Emmy-Lyn, five weeks, who have both taken their dad Philip Jepson’s surname.

But her brother James, 32, is carrying on the Christmas family tree with his young son, Billy.

She added: “Generally people comment every time they hear it. At the moment people will say ‘It’s your time of the year!’ but they mention it all year round.”

But she confessed: “When I phone up for a taxi I use a false name - they think it’s a prank call and don’t turn up if I use my real one.”