Christian Aid thanks

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I should like to thank all readers who gave to this year’s Christian Aid appeal.

Groups from many Sheffield churches sang carols throughout the day and, thanks to the generosity of the public, £1,401.94 was raised to help the world’s poorest people help themselves, thus improving their life in the long term.

Sara Millard, Sheffield Christian Aid committee

Market is a joke

the Christmas market in town is a joke. I don’t like to talk down our city – but what a shambles. Another fine mess from Julie Dore.

Wouldn’t it have been better for her to cancel her propaganda letter and spend the money on something Sheffielders actually want instead?

Gwen Smith, Norfolk Park

Helping the deaf

I must tell you how much I appreciate you publishing the Access information about theatres and cinemas each Friday.

I am a deaf person who still enjoys going out and the information about sub titled shows and stagetext performances is invaluable. Please keep it up.

Marion Pearson

Disgusted by MPs

How disgusting for our troops to have to answer to the very MPs who not only sent them to war but the ones who sat in their warm protected homes while the troops get injured.

They now say the injures are to be excluded from means of testing benefit, yet they can give a singer who earns vast amounts of money a knighthood.

If anyone deserves a knighthood it’s those who fought for the MPs and us.

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