Chortle on the other side of your face, Coun Baker

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I think Councillor Baker’s naughty letter in The Star must not go unanswered.

Of course there was something deeply bittersweet about the reopening by our MP Paul Blomfield of the Park Library and Community Centre as a single, unified building for the first time after the remodelling in August.

For Park Community Action, already licensed by the city to run the community centre, this had always been a long-term goal, so a celebration was in order.

The library had somehow survived innumerable closure threats since the ’30s, believe it or not, and we were quite sanguine about our chances this time round.

The irony of celebrating this achievement on the very day that the closure was announced was lost on no-one.

PCA had bargained for the inclusion of a functioning library as part of our community facility, instead of which we were now to be lumbered with running it ourselves if it was to remain open.

Where does the blame for this properly lie?

With the Con-Dem coalition government.

So chortle on the other side of your face Coun Baker. Y

our party is to blame, not our Labour council, forced by government to achieve cuts of quite monumental proportions.

Our Labour MP fights our corner, while Sheffield’s only Lib-Dem MP undermines the work of his councillor colleagues.

Frank Abel

Secretary, Park Community Action