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The recent photos of young George and Charlotte Windsor photographed together really brings home to me just what babies should be like.

No stupid tracksuits, no baseball caps or any other adult-themed baby clothes.

These two young children look exactly like what they are children, not young chavs, no spiked- up hair, no baseball caps, they are a credit to their parents.

But please don’t class me as a royalist, because I’m most definitely not.

It’s bad enough having to pay two OAPs a vast amount of money when they have a huge fortune of their own and other pensioners of the same age are struggling to get by.

The Royals and her immediate family should be the only ones to get money from the public purse but nothing like the amount they get now.

Philip gets £359,000 per year, why can’t he live on his own money?

He’s a 93-year-old bloke, other pensioners of the same age around the country can only dream of receiving a fraction of the wage packet he gets, but they have to survive on a meagre state pension after having earned millions for the country’s coffers by their hard work throughout their working lives. Not all pensioners could afford a pension plan for their retirement.

Elizabeth receives £330,000,000 per year for her civic duties and you might not believe this but I had to pay my own bus fares to and from work.

Didn’t Philip’s mother amass a fortune with her Battenberg cakes?

I also believe that these royals should only be paid an hourly rate and that should not exceed £49.99. That would be enough for me, they have savings to live on don’t they, other pensioners have to do that?

Seriously, it’s nice to actually see two young children dressed as children instead of the ones you see around the country. Youngsters of three and upwards dressed in burglar suits with hoods pulled up and young boys with their hands stuffed down their waistbands.

Vin Malone

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