Children’s literacy and numeracy

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I am really surprised how bad this country is at making sure that all children are literate and numerate.

So, I propose that all children should not leave primary school until they can read, speak out loud and write properly, add, subtract, divide and multiply rudimentary sums as well as having basic IT skills.

And, with regard to current children and adults, they should not be able to gain qualifications unless they also have these skills.

With regard to everyone else, these skills should be offered free of charge, with a special emphasis to those whose English is a second language.

It might be useful in linking the learning of speaking properly and clearly with manners and taking responsibility for themselves and others as well as the ability to work in teams.

It is essential that everyone has these skills for Britain to not only compete effectively in world trade, but also to build social cohesion among all communities.

With these basic skills, it will help Britain be able to develop niche markets, whether in manufacturing or in the service sectors, with a strong emphasis on quality and customer service. We need to have unique products and services that other countries do not have in order to make a positive difference to other countries.

Greg Fletcher

Brier Close, Sheffield, S20 7HR