Children and parents call for speed limit reduction outside Sheffield school

Broomhill Infant School on Beech Hill Road
Broomhill Infant School on Beech Hill Road
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A concerned Sheffield mum has urged the council to install traffic-calming measures on a road which has two nurseries and a primary school.

Emma Shamma, aged 43, a resident on Beech Hill Road in Broomhill, has said the road is an ‘accident waiting to happen’ unless something is done.

The road, which is home to Broomhill Infant School and two nurseries, is also an access point for delivery lorries heading in and out of the Hallamshire Hospital.

The schoolchildren started a petition to call for a reduction in the speed limit to 20 mph and other traffic- calming measures such as speed bumps and a safe place to cross the road.

The mum-of-three, who has helped gather around 200 signatures, said she’s witnessed speeding drivers squeezing past parked cars and motorists ‘screaming and shouting’ at one another as they argue over the right of way.

Emma said: “There’s usually only one lane of traffic because of parked cars on one side and it can be quite scary in a morning.

“I don’t want it to get to the point where a child is hit by a car and then the road gets new signs or speed bumps.

“It should not be the case that a child has to be seriously injured before anyone will spend the required money to keep people safe, who try to go about their daily lives, taking their young children to school.”

Broomhill Infant School deputy head Jo Jones said: “The children are very passionate about this issue and they’ve actively been on the school gates gathering signatures for the petition.”

To sign the petition, visit Help make Broomhill a safer place with speed restrictions

The Star contacted Sheffield Council but did not receive a comment.