‘Child-sex pimp ruined my life’

Amanda Spencer
Amanda Spencer
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A girl sold into prostitution by child pimp Amanda Spencer said today she will bear the mental and physical scars for ever.

Spencer, aged 23, was today starting a 12-year prison sentence for targeting vulnerable young girls around Sheffield’s Castle Market and Peace Gardens, winning their trust – then selling them to men for sex at seedy locations in exchange for cash, drugs and drink.

One of her victims, who was 13 at the time and is now a 19-year-old young mum, said she ‘hates’ Spencer.

“She preyed on me, forcing me to do things that disgust me because there was no way out,” she said.

“I will live with the physical and mental scars for the rest of my life. I hate her. I couldn’t wait for her to get her comeuppance. She shouldn’t be breathing the same air as me and my daughter.”

The teenager – who Sheffield Crown Court heard was ‘cut adrift’ from her family and friends at the time she was targeted by Spencer – also issued a plea to other girls not to follow in her footsteps.

“To anyone else having problems at home, you need to be there where you are safe,” she said. “I’m proof the alternative can be so much worse.”

Spencer, a mum herself to a little boy, showed no emotion as a series of harrowing victim impact statements were read to Judge Michael Murphy QC.

Jailing Spencer, of Rawmarsh Hill, Rawmarsh, Rotherham, for 16 offences - including inciting child prostitution, arranging the commission of a child sex offence, and facilitating child prostitution - Judge Murphy told her: “I have spent four very depressing months listening to these young women relive the horror of their young lives.

“I have absolutely no sympathy for your heartless exploitation of young, vulnerable girls. They didn’t have much of a childhood, but what they had you spoiled.”

He added: “The Peace Gardens in Sheffield, which most of us believe to be an attractive amenity, and Castle Market, became markets indeed - for the trade in young children at your hands.”

Speaking afterwards, DCI Bob Chapman said: “Listening to the victim impact statements again was heartbreaking.

“I hope these women can now start to move forward and get on with their lives.”