Child sex pimp guilty

Amanda Spencer
Amanda Spencer
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A female pimp who befriended vulnerable young girls in Sheffield – then prostituted them out to men in exchange for cash, drugs and drink - has been found guilty of 16 child prostitution crimes.

In the first prosecution of its kind, Amanda Spencer, aged 23, was found guilty of deliberately targeting young victims - many of whom she met around Castle Market or the Peace Gardens - before plying them with drugs and alcohol and selling them for sex.

Among the clients were drug dealers, asylum seekers and OAPs, who had sex with the girls at seedy locations around Sheffield.

One of the victims, aged just 15, was forced to have sex one after another with six or seven asylum seekers at a shared house in Sheffield.

She said she’d been forced into sex ‘40 or 50’ times at locations including Pitsmoor and Rotherham.

Another was taken to parks, where men would arrive to have sex with her.

Another was paid just £20 to lose her virginity aged 13 to a ‘much older’ man.

If the girls refused to do as Spencer demanded, she would threaten and beat them, giving them black eyes and bruises.

Spencer, of Canklow Road, Canklow, Rotherham, faced 38 child prostitution offences - including arranging or facilitating child prostitution, arranging the commission of a child sex offence, and causing or inciting child prostitution.

She was yesterday found guilty of 16 charges, relating to four different victims, following a nine-week trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

Michelle Colborne QC, prosecuting, told the court Spencer would tell the girls to lie about their age and to dress provocatively.

She would then pocket the lion’s share of cash they earned - seeing it as ‘far more productive and profitable to coordinate a pool of prostitutes, than to work for drug money all by herself’.

“Many of the victims were in care or ‘missing from home’, and those at home were experiencing difficulties to varying degrees,” Miss Colborne said.

“All were lacking in self-esteem and the wherewithal or sense to protect themselves from exploitation.”

She said if the girls refused her demands Spencer would turn nasty, adding: “She was violent and they were frightened of her.”

Jurors also convicted a 68-year-old Sheffield man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, of three sexual assaults on girls aged 11, 14 and 20, facilitated by Spencer.

He was cleared of raping the youngest girl.

Kareem Ahmed, 20, of Manor Park Centre, Manor, was cleared of one count of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Bashdar Hamadamin, 26, of Rock Street, Burngreave was cleared of raping a woman over 18, and Lee Unwin, 27, of Nethergreen Road, Nether Green, was cleared of paying for the sexual services of a child.

A sixth defendant, John McLachlan, died during the course of the trial.

Judge Michael Murphy QC remanded Spencer in custody.

She was cleared of seven counts, including trafficking for sexual exploitation, and the jury is still considering 15 charges against her.

The jury will continue its deliberations on the final counts today.