Child sex gang leader pimped out Sheffield schoolgirl, 13, using threats of violence

Amanda Spencer, 25, is one of six defendants facing a total of 42 offences against nine underage victims from Sheffield
Amanda Spencer, 25, is one of six defendants facing a total of 42 offences against nine underage victims from Sheffield

A child sex gang leader profited from a 13-year-old Sheffield schoolgirl being raped and forced to have sex with a middle-aged stranger, it is alleged.

Sheffield Crown Court was told how Girl B, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was introduced to Amanda Spencer through her then boyfriend who was some five years older.

The pair broke up shortly afterwards, and Girl B says it is after she parted ways with her former boyfriend that she became better acquainted with Spencer, formerly of Canklow Road, Canklow, Rotherham.

In police interview in 2014 Girl B, who was in Year 8 at school at the time of the offences in 2010, told officers how Spencer initially acted as her protector against Christopher Whiteley, 23 after he attempted to force her to carry out sex acts on him at Castle Market.

Girl B said that Spencer even bought her clothes, and that she along with Matthew Spencer, 25, of Weakland Crescent, Hackenthorpe would give her alcohol and cannabis when she was 'wagging' school to go to Castle Market during the day.

The court was told that Spencer's attitude towards Girl B soon changed and she would threaten to beat her up if she did not do as she asked and engage in sexual activity with Spencer's clients.

Girl B said: "She came across as a nice person but she turned out to be the most horrible."

One client Girl B alleges she was forced into sexual activity with was Christopher Whiteley of Weakland Crescent, Hackenthorpe.

Girl B told police she would be brought through to Whiteley on the stairwell by Spencer who would be waiting nearby while she was forced into sexual activity, and Whiteley would then pay Spencer.

Girl B says she was never told how much Spencer charged Whiteley, but told police she believed it must have been either £10 or £20 due to seeing Whiteley hand Spencer a note at one point.

The other client Girl B says Spencer forced her to engage in sexual activity with was a stranger the young woman, now aged 20, describes as being 'fat, middle-aged and with a colour to him'.

Spencer would take Girl B to the man's home, speak to him privately and then tell Girl B she would get beaten up if she did not have sex with him, it is alleged.

Spencer denies the allegations, and says she does not remember knowing Girl B.

The court was told how due to concerns raised by her parents and staff at the school she attended, Girl B was interviewed by a child sexual exploitation officer in 2010 - shortly after her 14th birthday. The girl says she had stopped going to Castle Market and associating with Spencer and Whiteley by this point.

During the 2010 interview Girl B told police about Whiteley's abuse but did not tell police about Spencer's role in her exploitation.

Under cross examination this afternoon Girl B said: "I didn't tell police about Amanda Spencer because she still saw me and if I told them she would have got me."

Defending Spencer, Dermot Hughes said: "The police said is there anything else you want to tell us about Amanda Spencer and you said 'no' - apart from when she bought you clothes and kept Christopher Whiteley away. You said 'she's nice and looks after me'.

"Amanda doesn't remember you, and so if you remember her it must have been because she was protecting you from Christopher Whiteley."

Girl B responded by saying 'no'.

Mr Hughes continued by questioning asking Girl B why she was so afraid of Spencer, and her reasons for continuing to return to Castle Market despite Spencer's and Whiteley's alleged abuse.

"You had a home where you were loved by your mother. Amanda Spencer did not know where you lived and she had no means of getting to you," said Mr Hughes, adding: "There was no reason for you to go back to Castle Market.

Spencer and Whiteley are among six defendants facing a total of 42 offences against nine underage victims.

The defendants deny all charges, which are alleged to have taken place between 2005 and 2012 in Sheffield.

The trial continues.