Child abuse figures paint ‘frightening picture’, says South Yorkshire MP

MP for Rotherham, Sarah Champion.
MP for Rotherham, Sarah Champion.
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A South Yorkshire MP has said that new statistics on historic child abuse in ‘must shock the Government into action’.

MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion, Labour’s shadow minister for preventing abuse and domestic violence, said the new official figures painted a ‘frightening picture of endemic child abuse in England and Wales’.

Ms Champion said: “The figures reveal the true extent of child abuse in our country, including thousands of previously unreported crimes dating back to the 1960s.

“It exposes the trauma that so many people have silently lived with for decades.

“As a society we have to wake up to the extent of child abuse taking place in our communities. While these figures relate to historic abuse, thousands of children continue to be abused today and the indications are that things are getting worse rather than better. As worrying as these figures are, they are likely to be merely the tip of the iceberg.

“This data must shock the Government into action. Much more needs to be done to prevent child abuse before it happens.

“If we are to prevent another generation growing up with the consequences of widespread child abuse, we have to teach children how to protect themselves from abuse.”