Chesterfield medic travelling the world with the Royal Navy

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A Chesterfield woman is travelling the world as part of one of the Royal Navy’s biggest deployments of the year.

Medical Assistant Sasha Noakes is onboard HMS Bulwark, which is involved in testing the might of the UK Response Force Task Group.

The Task Group – comprising four warships and five support ships – left the UK in August for a deployment called ‘Cougar 13’ and has already carried out a number of successful exercises and operations with various allies. The first in Albania, called Exercise Albanian Lion, and more recently with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Exercise Red Alligator, which took place on the Red Sea.

The ship is about to embark on a major exercise called Sea Khanjar which will be played out over several days in waters, and desert, around the United Arab Emirates.

In a recent exercise Sasha, aged 29, was involved in dealing with a major simulated helicopter crash on the flight deck.

Sasha joined the Royal Navy in 2009 after seeing a recruitment poster in her local Job Centre.

“I know it’s a cliché but I wanted an adventure and to travel the world,” she said.