Chesterfield FC tweet about ‘waddling’ match physio draws criticism

Chesterfield football Club Web Tile
Chesterfield football Club Web Tile
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A football club has drawn criticism tonight with a ‘disgusting’ Tweet about a physiotherapist ‘waddling’ onto the pitch.

Chesterfield FC’s official Twitter account, @ChesterfieldFC, tweeted during the team’s game against Southend United: “50’ Great cheers from the home fans as a Southend man requires treatment and the physio - who is of a certain shape - waddles on.”

The tweet, which has been retweeted more than 40 times, immediately drew a wave of criticism from followers during the match - which the Spireites won 3-0.

User Will Mason said: “Sort it out, so unprofessional!”

Jonathan Humphrey added: “Disgraceful thing to say on official social media. Whoever put that should be sacked.”

Another poster, Ben Thornton, said: “I think this is a disgusting tweet from an official Twitter feed of a professional football club.”

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