Chesterfield door-to-door salesmen face court

Courts: Reports from around the region.
Courts: Reports from around the region.
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TWO traders calling at Chesterfield homes without a pedlar’s certificate face court.

They were reported to police after calling at homes on Loxley Close, Ashgate, on Friday.

Officers arrested two Nottinghamshire men, aged 27 and 29, who found they were selling wares without a certificate from the police granting them permission – the certificates are issued by police in the area where the seller lives and valid for a year.

The pair have been reported under the Pedlars Act 1871 and could face a fine.

Inspector Russell Dakin said: “Residents are right to ask to see a pedlar’s certificate from anyone trying to sell goods at the door and to report anyone suspicious to us.

“Our advice is if someone calls at your door unexpectedly, make sure your home is secure, and ask for ID.”