Chesterfield celebrity James Hill brings Derbyshire charm to New York in The Apprentice

Chesterfield celebrity James Hill provided fans with a bumper crop of laughs in last night’s Apprentice – which saw the contestants do business in the Big Apple.

By Michael Broomhead
Thursday, 20th November 2014, 11:21 am
Chesterfield businessman James Hill enjoyed his eight-week run on The Apprentice.
Chesterfield businessman James Hill enjoyed his eight-week run on The Apprentice.

The candidates were tasked by multi-millionaire businessman Lord Alan Sugar to launch a soft drinks brand in New York.

They had to design a bottle, create a tasty drink, develop a TV and digital campaign and finally pitch the product for an audience of the biggest names in the world of fizzy pop and fruit juices.

James and his team, Summit, produced an “energy drink with bite” called Big Dawg – a name thought up by the comical Havana Whites owner.

Lord Sugar, who isn’t the easiest person to please, wasn’t keen on the drink.

“Less Big Dawg, more Chihuahua,” quipped the acerbic Amstrad owner.

However, Lord Sugar was impressed with team Summit’s strong branding, digital signage and packaging - and put them through to week eight of the show.

James, who has undoubtedly established himself as the star of the primetime BBC show, raised smiles during the episode when he took to the streets to taste test Big Dawg. He told New Yorkers the drink contained dragonfly – rather than dragon-fruit.

He also turned a popular phrase on its head upon seeing his colleagues’ billboard campaign. “The world,” he gushed, “is as big as our oyster!”

The 26-year-old son of Chesterfield businessman Jason Hill is continuing to amass a legion of fans both offline and online.

On Twitter, @SimraMinahil wrote: “James Hill should win The Apprentice hands down. He’s by far the best candidate there. He IS the ‘big dawg’.”

@kelseyowl22 said: “James Hill is just something else!”

@iJYong94 added: “James Hill on The Apprentice is the lad!”

Next week’s show, on BBC1 at 9pm, will see the remaining nine budding entrepreneurs head for the countryside as they are challenged to sell a selection of products to visitors of the Royal Bath and West agricultural show.

It’s promised there will be a big surprise in the boardroom...