Cheer Jess to Olympic gold

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AFTER years of dedication, devotion and diligence, Jess Ennis finally goes for Olympic gold today.

This remarkable heptathlete carries the hopes and dreams of Sheffield and the rest of the country with her.

When Jess waved farewell at the Peace Gardens last month, thousands of city fans wished her well.

Now we’re crossing our fingers and anything else that she gets the little bit of luck that all champions need.

We know Jess can do it. She didn’t win a world championship gold in Berlin in 2009 for nothing.

But after Team GB’s slow start in the medals table, the weight of expectation on her grows ever greater.

We have no doubt she has the character and determination to deal with that. After all, she’s a Sheffielder.

But she also needs all the support she can get.

So let’s cheer Jess as she twists and turns her way to what could be a memorable victory.

Do not forget our frontline heroes

THE amazing deeds of our soldiers in Afghanistan have been brought home in The Star this week in a series of fascinating stories.

Reporter Richard Marsden joined the troops as they staged a raid on a booby trapped village in Helmand province.

It’s easy to take their heroics for granted.

Afghanistan is no longer in the headlines as attention has shifted to Syria.

But the troops continue to perform incredible acts of bravery in trying to seure peace.

This is not an easy or a glamorous job but it is essential if progress is to be made.

Our thoughts remain with the troops, who continue to stand for all that is good about the British forces.

Nothing to fear

THE campaign to get CCTV in Sheffield cabs looks doomed before it ever really got going.

Cabbies suggested the move after an attack on city driver Arshad Mahmood but a similar scheme in Southampton has been stopped to protect passengers’ privacy.

That seems bizarre. Passengers have nothing to fear if they are acting legally. Those who are not deserve to be exposed.

So why would any right-thinking person object to CCTV?

Critics should look at the pictures of Mr Mahmood before they get irate. He certainly deserves better and we suggest a rethink to protect the innocent.