Ched must show genuine regret for damage caused

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All criminals should be given the opportunity to reintegrate into society, but where and when must depend upon the effort they make to earn this boon. Ched Evans has shown little appetite to earn this benefit.

He has launched an appeal against his conviction and stated that this appeal is to clear his name. The most the appeal can do is throw doubt on the original guilty verdict.

If he wishes to clear his name he must accept that there was no justification for his actions.

Mr Evans must demonstrate that he appreciates the harm he has done and that he is prepared to take every step to mitigate the effect of his wrongdoing.

Most importantly he must demonstrate that he understands the harm he has inflicted on the young victim and offer her the most fulsome apology.

Secondly he must show that he understands the harm he has caused to the reputation of footballers and football.

He must show genuine regret for the damage and disruption he has caused and is causing to Sheffield United. He must also seek to mitigate the effect that his outrageous behaviour has had on the reputation of his fellow professionals.

He has a long humble road to follow before he can hope to achieve reintegration into the football fellowship and sadly he has shown little appetite to tread that path.

Clive Georgeson

Longcroft Road, Dronfield, S18


Re David Turner, (October 28), the only thing wrong about that David Turner is that what happens if the appeal finds him innocent?

Will the people who called him a rapist say sorry? I doubt it.

Paul Smith

High Green