Cheaper bus fares offer leaves Sheffield passenger fuming

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A PASSENGER has criticised a bus company’s deals promotion after she was forced to pay full price for a discounted fare.

Gillian Rathbone, aged 49, was left out of pocket after the driver on First South Yorkshire’s 20A failed to apply the reduction for her weekly saver ticket, part of the company’s summer offer.

It was only after the Royal Mail worker had paid the full cost of £18.50 that she noticed posters advertising the discount on her pass - which would have saved her £7.50.

When she challenged the bus driver, he was unable to provide an excuse for failing to charge her the lower price.

Gillian, of Mundella Place, Norton Lees, Sheffield said: “I didn’t know about the offer when I got on the bus. The driver didn’t mention it.

“I questioned it after I saw the posters and he just said he’d been telling people about the offer all morning. I start work in the afternoon, but it should still apply to me. He said there was nothing I could do about it.”

The saving was part of First’s month-long fare cuts on popular routes in Sheffield throughout August.

With more bus companies such as Stagecoach in Sheffield announcing summer deals to increase the number of people using public transport, Gillian called for more help from drivers.

“It annoyed me that they are talking about all these offers but not applying them and leaving it to people to find out when it’s too late. If they’re going to do these they need to let people know well in advance.”

A spokeswoman for First South Yorkshire said: “In the case of the weekly ticket, all our drivers have been briefed on the offer so it was a mistake on his part.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused to the customer.

“We will be happy to resolve the overpayment without her having to purchase another ticket if she contacts our customer service team.”