Cheap materials?

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While I welcome the extensive resurfacing of roads across Sheffield and their attendant quieter, safer and easier ride for all road users, I am perturbed that my road, Church Street, resurfaced less than two years ago in readiness for the Tour de France cyclists, is already noticeably deteriorating.

Slight hollows are developing with that tell-tale, crazy paving, appearance in the Tarmac, a sure prelude to break-up and the inevitable pots and ruts, followed by patching and mending.

I am concerned that an awful lot of money is being spent on what would appear to be superficial, (cheap?), materials, with the road improvement teams having to deal with a Forth Bridge-type scenario of doing a constant round of surface replacement.

Would the highways agency/those responsible for Sheffield’s roads care to comment on this matter and perhaps reassure us that the road in my neck of the woods is an isolated case and not indicative of shoddy or cost- cutting measures throughout the city?

Tony Laycock

Church St, Ougtibridge