Charlie Webster: We can’t lose to any more league minnows

Npower League One ''Wycombe Wanders vs Sheffield United''Utd's stephen Quinn
Npower League One ''Wycombe Wanders vs Sheffield United''Utd's stephen Quinn
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To say the least, I was a little surprised last weekend with our negative result.

Here’s me last week almost dismissive of our Wymcombe Wanderers’ fixture and concentrating on Sheffield United’s October line up and its (arguably) bigger challenges.

Will we now really step things up against a big team, Charlton Athletic?

If so, which is all good of course, the Blades need to be careful that we don’t throw our promotion campaign away losing to the ‘lesser’ teams.

We’ve seen many a team’s season ruined by results against opposition that really, on paper, should have been beaten.

Slightly different league but the same principle, Chelsea lost to the likes of Wolves, Sunderland and Birmingham last season, to sabotage all changes of lifting the title.

Sheffield United need to be prepared and focused irrespective of the opposition.

We need to be taking all the points from the those kind of sides as the other clubs are playing the teams lower in the league and winning those matches. Preston, Brentford and Nottingham Forest did the job at Adams Park, we didn’t.

Stephen Quinn said after our defeat that there was a lesson, ‘to remain switched on.’

I’d say that is a good lesson to have learnt before we host current league leaders Charlton at Bramall Lane.

I’d also say that United need to learn a few lessons about finishing - and quick sharp at that.

Although I am happy with our start to the season, our attitude and our current position in the league, we haven’t quite got all the pieces in place, not always a bad thing, room for improvement means we can grow.

The Blades can’t leave it too long though to sort out this improvement namely our firepower. Even Danny Wilson indicated that we don’t have an out and out striker.

‘I know people say you have to have a 25-goal-a-season guy up front but you don’t get promotion by scoring only 25 goals.

‘You get it by having everyone chipping in when they can and that’s what I want us to do.’

Ok fair enough; but the ones chipping in need to finish the job off or we’ll have a repeat of last weekend.

Is James Beattie the answer?

If past stats have anything to go by the Blades have a decent record against Charlton sides 18 wins to five losses at Bramall Lane and we tend to find the target more often than not, 3-1, 2-5 victories representing our last two results in 2008.

How much this actually counts for is another thing, after all who’d have bet we’d lose to The Chairboys?