Charlie Webster: New coach will have us fit for purpose

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I was looking at the fixtures this week, trying to work out which away games I can get to and that are close to where I am based.

I was looking at the fixtures this week, trying to work out which away games I can get to and that are close to where I am based.

I think I’m going to start with our sixth match in and head to Yeovil Town. I’m hedging my bets but I think we should be able to get three points out of the Glovers after they finished 14th the season just gone.

August 6, though, is the key date when our new campaign in our new tier begins. Now that day is seriously going to creep up on us, fast!

The friendlies are already starting, Sheffield FC kicking them off next week, and the players are back in training this week.

As I write this, I know that Sheffield United’s new boss will be putting the Blades squad well and truly through their paces with fitness tests.

The cardio ‘bleep’ test is first on the list, most definitely one of the best ways to measure and compare fitness.

Micky Adams when he first came in as manager, taking the reigns off Gary Speed, complained about the fitness of the players.

In a way he was right; it is so important that each player is conditioned, fit and agile, it’s not just about skill on the ball. Some experts say football is all about fitness. It’s essential that each training programme is tailored for each player in each position. For example, a striker is all about speed and power output, different to a keeper and a defender.

The good news for the Blades is that Dave Morrison has now been appointed as United’s new fitness coach.

In football some of the training techniques are still so old-fashioned and as somebody who is a qualified coach and trains to a high level, seeing what some football teams’ training sessions consist off is cringeworthy.

I once went into a club and they were getting the players to run around the pitch repeatedly and then sent them on a five-mile run. Last time I checked, football is all about short, sharp bursts with constant changes of intensity.

So back to Morrison - if he is as good as Wilson says then we should see a massive difference straight away in the sharpness of our squad.

Sharpness in football is everything. It should also be a big bonus that Morrison used to be a professional player, at Peterborough United and Leyton Orient, so he understands football and what footballers need. I don’t mean a sports car and an xbox, I mean the difference between training a player and a runner.

So seven new teams entering League One including United. The pressure is on the new boss. Wilson must get off to a good start.

I spoke to chairman Kevin McCabe last week and the goal is automatic promotion, nothing less will do.

What worries me slightly is that Wilson is currently the second favourite manager to be sacked with odds of 13/2.

Prove them wron,g Danny - a strong start and a nice little victory on Sunday October 16 would set those bookies odds in their place.