Charlie’s home, safe and well

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On July 21, you kindly ran an article about our son’s missing cat entitled, ‘Youngster left heartbroken over Charlie’s disappearance’.

The response from the public regarding the disappearance of our much loved family pet was fantastic.

After many possible sightings we received a phone call on Sunday, August 21 from a family in Burncross who believed Charlie had recently taken up residence in their garden. After forwarding photographs to us our son was finally re-united with his feline friend, Charlie, that evening.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us in our search for Charlie and to let you all know that after six and a half weeks of being missing, Charlie is home safe and well.

The Treanor Family

Council tax rise

After two years of no council tax rises under the Lib Dems, I am in no doubt that we will be getting one next year under Labour. After all, who’ll be paying the three grand given to each council tenant for moving out now the government’s withdrawn funding?

Name address suplied

In suspense

A FRIEND reckons that Sheffield drivers will soon have to have their cars MoT tested every six months because the roads are so bad with pot holes and speed humps the suspension is failing with the hard vibration and broken springs and worn universal steering joints. Is this so?

Jud Percy