Charity raising cash for cancer projects

Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity is raising funds to support two pioneering projects, in the hopes of improving the longterm outcomes of people fighting prostate cancer in the region.

The first is a £45,000 piece of equipment, which would enable prostate cancer patients to benefit from SAAB, a new more advanced Radiotherapy technique, which delivers a more concentrated dose of radiation in fewer treatment sessions.

The second project aims to fund sessions of Auricular Acupuncture at the Cancer Support Centre, which consists of needles being placed in each ear for a half hour period and has proven benefits for improving the common hot-flush side effects often experienced by Prostate Cancer patients specifically taking hormonal treatment.

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Charity Fundraising Manager, Helen Gentle, said: “As a charity, it’s incredibly important for us to support projects which will ultimately transform the way cancer services are delivered across the region.

“We invest and donate money across all cancer types, but also have specific projects and specialisms in particular areas.”