Charity loans specialist play equipment for Rotherham toddler

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A toddler with a life limiting condition has started to reach out and interact with toys for the first time thanks to a charity loaning her a specialist play therapy pod.

Angel Riley, aged 18 months and from Rotherham, has the genetic condition Edwards Syndrome and is not yet able to crawl, sit unsupported or always control her own head.

She finds it difficult to pick up and hold standard toys, which affects her ability to play, but she is now making progress thanks to a play therapy pod from the Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children - the UK’s largest charity provider of specialist equipment for children with disabilities and terminal illnesses.

The pods are loaned to parents and contain a range of age appropriate toys.

Dad Andrew said: “Angel is always smiling and she loves lots of attention and cuddles and likes anything with music and lights, but because of her condition she is behind in her development.

“It is trial and error when it comes to getting things to help her – but a lot of the things we have looked at are very expensive and there is no guarantee she will engage with them.

“We have had the play therapy pod for a few weeks now and many of the items are really rewarding for her and are benefitting her quite a lot. She’s reaching for things and interacting, which she didn’t do with her other toys.

“If it wasn’t for Newlife providing Angel with the Play Therapy Pod I don’t think she would be as far in her development as she is now, both interaction wise and movement.”

To find out more about Newlife visit or call 0800 902 0095.