Charity clients are real victims

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VANDALISM against private property or business premises will leave people fuming with anger at the perpetrators.

But when the damage is directed at a charity – as is the case with the Sheffield branch of Mencap – then the public is entitled to be left speechless with rage.

A concrete sign at the charity’s Norfolk Park centre was ripped out of the ground and smashed into pieces leaving Mencap charity workers with a repair bill for hundreds of pounds.

But the real victims are the needy people who are helped by Mencap. For every pound spent putting right the vandalism means a pound less to go towards helping their vulnerable clients.

We hope that someone from the area has information which will help police track down the culprits who deserve all the law can throw at them.

Similarly, we are appalled at a raid on a South Yorkshire church in which silver artefacts were stolen and, to add insult to the congregation’s injury, lead was stripped from the roof of the 12th century building.

Both cases show wanton disregard for other people and their property.

Those responsible for both crimes are worthy of no sympathy and we look forward to reporting on the day they receive their just deserts.

Lib Dems jumping the political gun

THE Lib Dems are certainly not going to take their electoral drubbing in Sheffield lying down. But their constant carping at their Labour opponents does them few favours.

Since Labour took over the reins at the town hall, they have hardly had chance to put a policy in place before the ousted party are on the offensive.

In particular they are challenging Labour to speak out over any possible plans they may have to move to fortnightly bin collections and are putting forward a motion to the council calling on councillors of all parties to oppose the move. Meanwhile, Labour insist they have no firm policies but want to view all options open to them.

By jumping the gun in this manner, the Lib Dems are acting more like a group of quarrelsome individuals when, in reality, they have shown they have much to offer the city.

John’s best feet

THERE’S no-one better than John Burkhill for putting his best feet forward! For the unstoppable charity worker has just completed a 1,000-mile trek between Asda supermarkets at Handsworth, Rotherham and Chapeltown.

All that hard work has brought in £10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. And what better gift for such a super trooper than a brand new pair of walking boots from the stores?

For you can bet that this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of charity king John.