Charity ball in aid of dad’s memory

Amanda Miller with her late father Dennis Digby.
Amanda Miller with her late father Dennis Digby.
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A Thorne woman who lost her dad to an asbestos related disease is raising awareness of the ‘silent killer’.

Dennis Digby, aged 68, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2011, which he is believed to have contracted whilst working for over 30 years in power stations.

Having had no previous ailments, Dennis died in June 2013.

His daughter, Amanda Miller, aged 38, of Walnut Road explained: “My dad had mesothelioma which is a very aggressive form of cancer.

“It is called a silent killer. It just takes one asbestos fibre to attach to the lining of the lung. It can incubate for 30 years until it comes to a head and then it’s too late.

“My dad was found to have fluid on his lung, but he had been fine up until then.

“Anybody that has worked with asbestos pre-1970 can be susceptible for it. They believe it is up and coming now, and cases will reach their peak in 2020.”

Amanda decided to start raising awareness of the disease by raising funds, and joined forces with family members of other sufferers.

As well as taking part in a number of sponsored runs, two charity balls have been held, raising over £10,000 in total. A third ball, at Drax Sports and Social Club, is now being planned for later this spring. “It’s helped me cope,” said Amanda.

“I’m hoping he’s proud of what I am doing. I did a lot of my fundraising while my dad was here. This year will be a bit of a challenge because he’s not here.”

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