Charity backs campaign to keep elderly warm in winter

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Older people in Sheffield are being warned to keep warm during the freezing winter months.

Age UK Sheffield has thrown its weight behind the Spread the Warmth campaign, which encourages older people to ensure they stay well during winter.

Age UK Sheffield Chief Executive Rosalind Eve said: “1.7 million older people in the UK can’t afford to heat their homes, and more than a third say they live mainly in one room to save money.

“Cold weather adds to the financial worries of older people, with 30 per cent saying they avoid heating certain rooms because of the potential cost.

“This is a major concern, especially as older people with underlying health conditions can often see their symptoms worsen during the colder seasons, potentially leading to their admission into hospital.

“The UK has some of the worst levels of home energy efficiency in Europe, so it is likely that many members of the city’s older community will be living in poorly-insulated homes and as we get older our bodies take longer to warm up, so it’s not hard to see why the drop in temperature and arrival of snow and ice can be an especially worrying time for older people.

“Our Information and Advice Service is just one way Age UK Sheffield can help people find out more about the benefits they may be entitled to in order to ease financial worries.

“Cold weather also makes it more difficult for people to get around which can lead to isolation and depression, so we provide shopping support to help those with mobility issues to get the essential items they need.

For more information call Age UK Sheffield on 0114 250 2850 or visit