Charities in Christmas presents appeal

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CHARITY shops in South Yorkshire are making an urgent call for more donations - as the usual tide of unwanted Christmas gifts have not yet been passed on.

Stores in Sheffield and across the county have urged people to clear out clothes, books and accessories this month.

Oxfam, on Ecclesall Road, is booming with bric-a-brac, but has bare shelves elsewhere.

Catherine Hatch, store manager, said they had had fewer items handed in.

She said: “It’s been quieter than in previous years.

“Most of the things we have been donated are bric-a-brac - a lot of people seem to be moving house, but we still need lots of clothes, books and accessories.”

Staff at Age UK’s shop on Norfolk Row in Sheffield city centre were also keeping their fingers crossed for a flood of donations after the festive period had ended.

Boxed toiletries were the most common unwanted gift handed in at Cancer Research UK, Ecclesall Road.

And weird and wonderful items have also been taken to Mind charity shop, London Road.

Pam Kirkland, assistant manager, said: “We’ve had a lot of African and Asian ornaments, some of which are carved out of marble, which are quite unusual.

“We’re doing quite well, but are always hoping for more donations.

“It is a bit early for some people to give us unwanted gifts yet.”