The charges won't solve the problem

I recently read your story about the parking charges at Weston Park Hospital.

Wednesday, 7th September 2016, 6:47 am
Updated Friday, 9th September 2016, 10:13 am
A new pay and display machine is being installed at Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield.

This morning, I have experienced the situation first hand.

I arrived for my appointment in good time and found the car park was completely full. The surrounding roads were full. I just about managed to squeeze into a space at the Hallamshire and make it for my appointment on time.

To me, this was not a massive issue. I was lucky enough to get an early diagnosis of cancer and I’m in good health now, so I didn’t have to struggle up the hill to my surveillance appointment.

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For someone who has not been as lucky, I can only imagine how difficult and frustrating this situation must be.

I also read with interest the comments made when the news first broke about the charges.

Many people were disgusted the car park was being used by people who did not have appointments or were not visiting.

I’d have to say I agree, but I don’t see how the charges solve this problem.

My cynical head suspects this is a way to make money and save on the wages paid to the car park attendants who used to do an excellent job making sure we could all get a space to attend our appointments and visit our loved ones.

If this is the case, whoever has made this decision should hang their heads in shame.

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